Practical Pedagogies 2018

Getting to St. George's English International School, Cologne

Getting to Cologne

The city of Cologne is easily accessible from Cologne, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf airports - all of which have excellent train links to Cologne city center.

This Google Map shows how to get to Cologne from the city airport.

Location 2018


Getting from Cologne to the Venue

By taxi

St. George's English International School Cologne is about 10km from Cologne city center. A one-way taxi journey costs about 20 Euros and attendees often share a cab to minimise costs.

By bus

The school is also well served by public transport.

A one-day travel pass covering zone 1b costs about 9 Euros, whilst a ticket for a one-way journey to or from the school is just 3 Euros. Almost all buses are provided with ticket machines, which are also next to public transport stops and at any KVB travel desk. You can also buy your ticket online.

The Number 132 bus departs from Cologne station every 10 minutes and takes 43m to bring you straight to the school's bus stop at Rondorf Bödinger Strasse:

Step 1: Bus journey (35m)

Step 2: 450m walk (10m)

[see bus route on Google Maps] [download pdf route map]

Where to Stay

You are strongly recommended to shop around using TripAdvisor, Airbnb and similar websites to find something that caters to your exact tastes and budget.

With that in mind, the following hotels are often used by St. George's English International School to host interviewees and visitors.

City Centre
Motel One Köln Waidmarkt – 15 minutes in a taxi, 35 minutes on a bus
Motel One Köln Mediapark - 20 Minutes by Taxi, 40 minutes by bus
Hotel ibis Koeln Centrum - 20 Minutes by Taxi, 40 minutes by bus
Steigenberger Hotel Köln - 20 Minutes by Taxi, 40 minutes by bus
Novum Hotel Leonet - 20 Minutes by Taxi, 40 minutes by bus

Großrotterhof, Rondorf – 20 minutes walking distance to school, 15 minutes in a bus


An incredibly wide ranging, thought provoking and - most importantly - useful conference. As an international teacher it was particularly useful to meet and chat with other overseas teachers face-to-face. In terms of the conference sessions, everything I attended delivered something that either I could implement in my classroom or that got me to reflect more critically on what I already do. The huge range of available sessions meant I could mix a focus on my subject area with some of the broader conceptual sessions that took place.
Scott Allsop Head of Humanities, @BSB_Humanities, Bucharest, Romania
The Practical Pedagogies conference is like no other because it brings together educators from across the globe. It offers a eclectic mix of thought provoking, practical and inspiring workshops, led by an equally varied selection of people who have effective teaching and learning slap bang in the middle of their thoughts. It has formed a vital part of my CPD, and I defy anyone to attend and not be challenged and changed.
Lisa Stevens MFL teacher with a passion for creativity and technology, Director of Lisibo Ltd, UK
The Practical Pedagogies conference stands out from the other conferences due to the unique set up of having fellow conference members providing the sessions. These sessions are relevant and provide hands-on techniques that are useful for all teachers of any age. The family-like atmosphere created by Russel allows all conference members to socialise and interact with fellow educators from around the world. The money saved on this very affordable conference can then be used on the pub crawl where the truly deep pedagogical discussions take place!
Jesse Bywater Leader for Learning, De Blijberg International Primary School, Rotterdam, The Netherlands