Practical Pedagogies 2016

Keynote Speaker: Ewan McIntosh


Ewan's Background

Ewan McIntosh is an award-winning educator and the founder of NoTosh Limited, based in Scotland, Australia and San Francisco, with a global reputation for researching and delivering new learning opportunities for some of the world’s top creative companies and school districts. The team has a unique ongoing experience in creativity in creative contexts (we work with some of the world’s top fashion, media and tech companies) and research-based learning and teaching development with schools.

Ewan is also the author of the new book "How to come up with Great Ideas and Actually Make them Happen"

Ewan's Brand-New Keynote Address for Practical Pedagogies 2016

Small is Beautiful: the power of prototyping culture

"There’s a lot of talk about moving schools from Good to Great, from Satisfactory to Outstanding. But what do people actually DO to achieve these goals? In this brand new talk, we'll consider the idea that the key to greatness is not a grandiose Mission Statement, planning lessons to death with a welter of tick-box bureaucracy, or putting people under the stress "to perform". Instead, entire mindsets need to be changed by setting achievable targets, measured by simple feedback procedures, across all levels of the school. Engendering a prototyping culture of small victories is the way to triumph in this great war of excellence. Whether you’re the Director of an élite school campus, a department head trying to motivate a team or a classroom teacher wondering how to get 180 different souls achieve their very best over the marathon of a school year, this talk aims to provide ideas and techniques which are inspirational and practical in equal measure"

Ewan McIntosh: "The Problem Finders"

Ewan's Workshops for Practical Pedaogies 2016

Ewan will also be offering two workshops within the programme over the two days of the conference:

Visions That Matter
Whether you're the Director of a large school or a classroom teacher trying to engage a team of parents or students, knowing the WHY is vital. Knowing how to express it is another game altogether. Visions in education are invariably written in meaningless trueisms. In this workshop, you will rewrite your vision, or create a new one, for a school, for a class or for a new project. And there won't be one "excellence", "paradigm" or "21st century" in sight.

Provoke or go home
Provocation remains the strongest tool in a teacher's box. Since the 1960s, the power of provocation has been felt and rewarded in advertising, engineering, computing and, vitally, learning. But in learning, we sometimes forget what might feel provocative for us doesn't quite have the desired effect on our students. In this workshop, we'll take a project, unit or lesson of your choosing, and explore how we can create powerful, provocative hooks that really get students asking questions to which they do not know the answer.

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