Practical Pedagogies 2018

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  • St. George's Cologne


Q. How close is the school to Cologne Airport?

The school in Cologne is located on the outskirts of the city, in the leafy suburban village of Rondorf. The suburb is well-connected to the city’s transport network, with regular buses linking Rondorf to the city centre and central train station, as well as to other districts in the south and west of the city. It is only a few stops to connect to the city’s efficient tram network. The Cologne-South motorway junction is only 5 minutes’ drive away, linking to the city’s orbital route and the main Cologne-Bonn motorway. The airport is only 20 minutes’ drive from the school. Rondorf is a self-contained district with all local services at hand. Areas in the south and west of the city are among the most desirable, with proximity to the river, university and good transport links making an attractive mix of peaceful, family oriented spaces and more lively areas.

Here is a map with directions.

Q. Do you have any recommended hotels?

A. To make the most of your experience, we suggest you stay in central Cologne. There are a whole range of hotels to suit every taste and price range and you are best consulting TripAdvisor or to find something to suit your exact requirements!

Q. Will there be a live feed of the conference?

A. We will be using the hashtag #pracped18 on Twitter where delegates can share the ideas and resources they are being presented with. You can follow us on Twitter at @pedagogies.